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Carbon neutral event

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We are making history:
Subcontracting Fair is getting it own forest!

The Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT trade fairs want to do their part for the environment, which is why we will compensate for the events’ carbon footprint by planting our own Subcontracting Forest.

Alihankintametsä hyvittää tapahtuman hiilijalanjälkeä

Our carbon footprint will be compensated with ‘Subcontracting Forest’ carbon sink, which will be planted in Lempäälä, Finland this spring.
Tampere Trade Fairs’ partner for the compensation is Puuni Oy. With their help, we can compensate for some of the fairs’ emissions with a carbon sink. In practice, this means that creating a new forest area can reduce the carbon footprint of the fairs. Puuni calculates the fairs’ carbon footprint according to the GHG protocol, the most common standard used in business. The calculations result in a reliable figure that helps us plan emissions reductions and a carbon strategy.
The forest project also involves the Municipality of Lempäälä, which owns the area on which the forest will be planted, by Toutainpolku street and Kiiskinpuisto park. The area in question, called Rantapelto, is abandoned land sized half a hectare, on which 640 silver birch saplings will be planted. This carbon sink area will bind approximately 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the biomass of the soil and the woods. The Subcontracting Forest’s lifespan will be a hundred years, approximately.
During its life, the volume of greenhouse gas emissions absorbed by the Subcontracting Forest will equal 60 trans-Atlantic flights. These calculations are based on the statistics of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
The forest will be planted by people from Tampere Trade Fairs, Puuni and the Municipality of Lempäälä. Details about the planting schedule will be announced soon! The Municipality of Lempäälä will oversee the forest’s maintenance in the future.

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