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Compete with quality and trust – effective, safe and responsible business from data

Column  26.08.2021

Data is generated all around us at all times. Different machines, devices, systems and their sensors produce more and more data all the time. Almost everything is connected to a digital network. In addition to this, we ourselves, our customers and our daily work constantly produce useful information we can use to support and develop our business.

Effective and safe data utilisation is vital to business

Today, effective acquisition and utilisation of data are vital to many businesses, regardless of their size. As we know, good and reliable data promotes the ability to solve problems quickly, improves production efficiency and facilitates the organisation’s decision-making process. Additionally, safe information management is part of the company’s quality as well as the quality of its products and services.

Knowledge is power, and it is also one of the most critical raw materials of the digital age. That is why all companies should consider how they can utilise data effectively but also safely and responsibly.

Data security does not need to be hard and expensive – even small actions will move matters forward

Data security is sometimes thought to be a difficult or an expensive investment. Is my competence enough? What will it cost? Which data security solutions can I trust? These are great questions, especially from the perspective of a small or medium-sized company about to jump into digitalisation.

It is good to remember that data security is not a zero-sum game. Taking the first steps for protecting data and securing usability is important for each company processing data. Great first step is to carry out a data security audit for your operations. Based on the review, you can determine the key development areas for your operations. Not everything has to be finished at once. In other words, you should approach data security just as you would any other matter affecting the company’s operations. It should be included in the risk management of all organisations.

There are a great deal of companies providing data security services in Finland. Their experts are able to customise a cost-efficient package for each company. Thanks to this, data security does not have to be expensive, either. Even small steps are therefore steps forward.

Don’t forget security – make it into your competitive edge

Being able to tell stakeholders that all data is managed safely and carefully gives companies a competitive edge. In fact, accessing some markets may even be difficult without it. Customer demands related to data reliability and protection are growing strongly, especially on the international markets.

Data use is also more regulated than before. Personal data, for example, must be processed carefully in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Similarly, all confidential material by your company and your partners must be appropriately protected. Surely you do not wish to lose your competitive edge or betray the trust of your customers and stakeholders?

From this perspective, responsible and careful data utilisation and management are a central part of a company’s trustworthy reputation and good public image. That is why security must always be kept in mind when collecting, using, analysing or refining digital data.

The importance of data in Finnish business will grow exponentially in the future. Therefore, we should all start using it, boldly but safely.

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