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Continuous development secures competitive edge

Column  08.06.2018

As the competition gets tougher, it is extremely important for companies to focus on R&D and strengthen their know-how. Only companies with innovative, competitive and customer-oriented solutions are able to succeed in the global markets.

Today, the world around us changes faster than ever before. Due to the constantly available technology, information, people, companies and products are on hand continuously. For companies this means even tighter competition, but also it will be even more challenging to stand out from competitors.

During the past couple of years Finnish technology industry has been in a significant economic upswing, and it is no wonder. In Finland, we have special engineering and technology know-how that is appreciated around the world and throughout different industry sectors. Although, we need to make sure that Finnish know-how will maintain its position as a global leader also in the future. This requires that Finnish companies will continue to work and invest in their competitiveness and specialization.

The past years have been busy also for our family company Pemamek Ltd. as the company has gained significant international growth. Factors that have had a significant impact on our growth are long-term investments on efficient production, skilled workforce and subcontractors, but also global agent and partner network. As an export company, it is also crucial to do sales locally in the target area.

Additionally, one of the key components of Pemamek’s growth has been devoting resources to R&D and utilizing the best available technology in our solutions. Our latest innovations, such as laser-hybrid welding line for shipbuilding, patented robot solution for doorframe welding or user-friendly PEMA WeldControl software are all successful outcomes from our work in product research and development.

In order to guarantee competitive edge in the international markets, Finnish companies need to invest in productivity and bravely aim for the big markets. Companies should set far-reaching goals and make long-term investments for future growth.

When Finnish technology industry booms it will benefit each professional and company in the field. Let’s take our know-how to the international markets together and invest in the growth of Finnish technology industry!

Jaakko Heikonen
Pemamek Ltd.

Pemamek  Ltd. is an official partner of the 2018 Subcontracting Trade Fair .