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From one generation to another

Column  21.08.2019

In a family company, long-term planning is a must. The heritage of the previous generation is present every day, and is being constantly developed by the current and future generations. As actions and decisions have long-term impacts, they must be chosen wisely. 

Doing things right is far from easy; doing good is even trickier. In both cases, making errors and stumbling along the way is unavoidable, but the results make the journey worthwhile.

In our case, the journey towards increased sustainability started from customer needs and the wish to gain a competitive edge. The need was evident: a material handling solution that can withstand the pressure placed on it by the world’s most efficient production facilities and busiest harbours on a daily basis. As material handling is at the core of our business operations, the aim was not to stop or reduce the material flows – challenges posed by them are beyond our control. Instead, we focused on the aspects that are in our control.

We have subsequently reduced the energy and resources needed to move the material flows. Also, we have challenged our competitors through the energy-saving solutions, electric operation, operational safety, and lifespan of our products. We have chosen partners who share our values and help develop our operations. We have tried to become a workplace where people like to come to in the morning and are trusted, and that does not put an unhealthy strain on their body or mind. A workplace, where they would be happy to let their children work once they are old enough.

There is still a lot that remains to be done. We must keep on searching for new ways to develop our operations. We can learn from the numerous other Finnish companies that are global forerunners in the sector. Partnerships enable us to have a greater impact. Sustainable and economic products must be based on a responsible development, procurement, and production chain, where the role of each participant is greater than they would be alone. Sustainability is not a zero-sum game.

We are aiming for international markets without forgetting our North Karelian roots. The farmer attitude of the brothers who founded the company is still strong today: things continue to be done as if we were doing them for ourselves, and we keep on developing the business from one generation to another with respect to other people and the environment. We try our best to do right for the next generations.

Mia Mantsinen
Mantsinen Group Ltd.

Mantsinen Group, a Finnish family business operating worldwide, is a partner company of the Subcontracting Trade Fair 2019.