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Sustainable future is manufactured in Tampere

Column  20.09.2019

Technology industry generates a turnover of over 7 billion and more than 70,000 jobs in its heartland, the Tampere region. Manufacturing industry is heavily based on mobile machinery, which are being built and developed for forestry, mining, port operations, constructions and agriculture, to name some examples. During the past decade, the field has been renewed through digitalisation, automation, robotization and electrification, and this trend is only growing stronger.

The theme of Subcontracting Trade Fair 2019 is sustainable manufacturing. As in other sectors of society, industry will have to adapt a sustainability driver in both the production processes of companies as well as in the life cycles of products. In Finland, industry’s share of the greenhouse gas emissions of productive operations is about 10%, around three quarters of which consists of carbon dioxide emissions. When compared to the wealth industry provides for the society, these emissions are very moderate. However, this does not mean we should not strive towards developing even further. Many key industrial companies and their stakeholders in the Tampere region are currently launching an in-depth review of their carbon dioxide emissions in order to stay on top of this positive trend.

These abovementioned technological megatrends are a significant part of more sustainable production, as are so-called resource wisdom and the growing use of sustainable energy. However, especially noteworthy is what comes off the production line. As a prime example, Agco Power is developing the world’s most low-emission machinery engine in the city of Nokia. In the future, the intention is to apply this engine to work in trucks as well. Hence, the company’s recent investment of more than hundred million euros in the Linnavuori unit means an inevitable positive change for the emission efficiency of heavy machinery power sources on a global scale.

Also the future of manufacturing industry seems sustainable in Finland. In addition to Agco Power, several industrial companies in the Tampere region alone, including Avant Tecno, Cargotec, John Deere, Nokian Raskaat Renkaat, Ponsse and Sandvik have made significant greenfield and brownfield investments in their units. This is great, not only to regional and national economics, but also to everyone who values responsible manufacturing.

Business Tampere, the Tampere region economic development agency, considers supporting the renewal of manufacturing industry as their number one priority. For the first time this autumn, we are launching an industry-focused venture-client accelerator, Rapid Tampere, together with the City of Tampere. The purpose of this accelerator is to bring together subcontractors of high-tech industries globally in order to provide new solutions to the challenges of clients in manufacturing industry. The accelerator will also be presented at Alihankinta HEAT. Welcome to hear more!

Finally, I would like to wish the trade fair visitors a fruitful and productive visit to this Nordic mega event of industry!

Harri Ojala
Director, renewing industry
Business Tampere

The author is a Director with Business Tampere in charge of renewing industry, technological ecosystems and promotion of inward investments and exports.