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Utilising data helps during changes

Column  17.09.2021

The capability of companies to adapt to changes is essential in constantly accelerating industrial production cycles. During changes, data gives assistance. When utilised extensively, data improves production and the business throughout.

In Sandvik, we have strongly utilised data also on our new drill factory that was modernised as part of our innovation center program. One of the targets was to build the world’s best drill manufacturing factory that is highly automated and employs digitized processes and data collected from machines. The focus in modernisation was to gather internal factory information and utilise it in improving production activities. The target was to get real-time input from manufacturing process phases, and production state of the machines connected to them. Considering the diverse data results and how we utilised them, we can say we achieved excellent success.

Production data is easily available irrespective of time and place. One can monitor production status in real time, from couch at home or from the world somewhere. As an example, on a few occasions I have received a notification that the machining tools are in error state, even before I have arrived at the factory physically. The events when I have received real-time information about how we have broken production records are absolutely the best.

In an accelerating market situation, with data we are better positioned to meet the challenges in the market by increasing productivity, safety and reliability. Of course, we must note that the high production results are not solely due to the data and technology, it’s the people at the centre of it all. In the end, it’s the people who get the results.

Our vision is to continue to be the best drill factory in the world. With people and data, we are confident our vision stays true.

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