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See the schedules for construction and dismantling here.

Ready-made stand packages

A ready-made exhibition stand includes white walls, fascia board with print, electricity, lighting, cleaning and a light grey carpet. Corner stands have two open walls unless otherwise agreed. Ready-made stands will be built by 8 am on the last day of construction. Additional partitions for meeting rooms or other compartments can be ordered; do not forget to order additional lighting and other services necessary for your stand.

Should you prefer to do your own electrification plan instead of the standard electrification of the ready-made stand, you should submit your plan to the organiser’s electric installation contractor well before construction begins. In case this has not been done and modifications are required for the ready-made stand, the exhibitor will be charged by the electric installation contractor by the hour for any changes.

Stand package options may vary depending on the fair. Please check the order confirmation for details.

Stand Structures

Carpets and walls

The exhibitors must cover the entire floor area of the stand with a carpet. Carpeting must be fire-retardant (class L). It is forbidden to attach the carpet directly to the surface of the hall floor.

The exhibition stand must be outfitted with walls on the sides bordering on neighbouring stands or technical facilities. If a technique well is located at your stand, you must surround the well with walls, leaving a free passage to the well by using a door or a curtain. Please note that one well supplies several stands with electricity, water, sewerage etc.

Unless otherwise agreed with the neighbouring stand, an exhibitor may not use the wall constructions set up by other exhibitors/the neighbouring stand.

Ceiling structures in the stand

Because of the automatic sprinkler system, stands may not have closed ceilings. The authorities will only approve latticework, grills and other open ceiling structures (permeability at least 50 %). Any fabrics used must be impregnated with a fire retardant (in flammability classification 1).

If any product requires a different kind of ceiling structure (for example tents and caravans), stand has to be provided with a fire extinguisher (size 6 kg). A plan including details of the structure and product must be submitted to the organiser 30 days prior to the exhibition. The organiser will negotiate the matter with fire authorities and inform the exhibitor in due course.

Hanging items from the walls and pillars of the halls

Should the construction or decoration of an exhibition stand or the presentation of a product require hanging any items from the walls and pillars of the hall, please contact the organiser 30 days prior to the fair to arrange a special permit. All costs incurred and any fixing materials required are in the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Ceiling suspensions

Ceiling suspension points are without exception fitted by a suspension subcontractor authorized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. The work is charged directly by the subcontractor. Exhibitors order suspension points at their own expense by filling out a special form available from the organizer. Precise information and drawings of the suspension plan must be attached. The information should be delivered 30 days before the beginning of the fair to Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, which approves the suspension plan and checks whether a suspension is possible in the place in question.


Only air-filled balloons are allowed inside the exhibition centre. Balloons filled with gas are strictly forbidden indoors.

Exceeding the standard construction height (250 cm)

The standard/minimum height for stand structures is 250 cm. All wall and decoration structures exceeding 250 cm in height require prior consent from the organiser, who must be provided with the plans for such structures at least 30 days before the exhibition opens.

Structures higher than 250 cm should be placed at an at least one (1) meter distance from a neighbouring stand. Any structures exceeding the standard height of 250 cm will be considered extra advertising space and invoiced accordingly 590 € + VAT.

Two-storey exhibition structures

Plans for any two-storey structures, including strength calculations, must be submitted to the organiser in 3 copies 30 days prior to the exhibition.

In case the 2nd storey is intended for people, the storey must be outfitted on all sides with solid walls or railings, conforming to building regulations. The minimum height of the railing is one meter (1 m). The fee charged for the second storey area is 50 % of the standard fee per m2.

The fascia, stand numbering and aisle markings

The front of the stand may be fitted with a fascia, bearing the exhibitor’s name and/or logo. The company logo must be ordered separately by the exhibitor. The organiser has the right to mount a stand number and an aisle marking on the fascia. The aisle marking may be a number, a letter or another symbol.

Weight limitations

Weight limitations for the halls are presented in the guide “Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre – Technical Data”. For further information please contact our customer service.


If any painting work is performed in the exhibition centre, the floor and other surroundings must absolutely be protected. Cleaning of any equipment in the toilets and service facilities is forbidden. The exhibitor is responsible for the proper disposal of leftover paint, empty containers and other such equipment.

The technical facilities of the halls may not be used as storage space.     


Fire safety and other safety-related matters

Fire safety

If you house a vehicle at your stand indoors outside fair opening hours, make sure that the main power switch is turned off or the battery cables disconnected. There may be fuel in the vehicle’s tank.                                        

Open fire

The use of open fire is forbidden. Any devices in which the fire or flame burns outside the device, such as gas stoves, cookers, oil lamps, candles and other such items are considered open fires.

A special permit can be granted if the demonstration in question is welding, gas cutting, cutting or other such method causing sparks. The application must be submitted to the organiser, complete with operation and safety structure plans 14 days prior to the fair. The permit will always be negotiated with fire and rescue authorities.

Working with fire

There is no permanent location for working with fire in the exhibition halls. A permit is required for all work with fire in the halls. The permit for working with fire is granted by the Technical Manager of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

A personal license for working with fire is required from each person actually working with fire. As to working with fire, the safety regulations for Working with fire and Working with fire on roof are to be followed.

Permits, licenses and insurances

Retail sales and TV-licenses

Retail sales are permitted during all exhibitions within the limits of the law. No separate TV-licenses are required at the stand.

Playing live music and recordings at the stand

The exhibitor is responsible for the fees stipulated in the copyright legislation if live or recorded music is performed at the stand. In case Gramex ry’s or Teosto ry’s application form is needed, the forms are to be ordered directly from Teosto ry / tel. +358 9 681 011 or Gramex ry Please make sure to have the application and receipt at your stand and readily available for inspection.


Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd holds liability insurance that covers any possible damage to a third party caused by its personnel or equipment and buildings. The insurance does not cover damages caused by exhibitors. Exhibitors are therefore advised to purchase the necessary liability or other insurance.

Contacts at Pohjola Insurance Company:
P.O.Box 319
FIN-33101 Tampere
Tel. +358 10 558 4662


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