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Virtual event brings on new ways of staying connected

The trade fair was postponed, but the three most important days of the year will still offer manufacturing experts and professionals a place to both maintain pre-existing customer relationships and to create new ones, even during this difficult year. Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT event will be held in virtual form 8.–10.12.2020.

Networking and programme

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What kind of a virtual event?

The three most important days of the year will still offer manufacturing experts and professionals a place to both maintain pre-existing customer relationships and to create new ones. As such, networking has gained an especially crucial role at this virtual event. The virtual event won’t replace the traditional, real-life trade fair in the future, but it does allow for new opportunities for meetings in a situation where meeting face-to-face isn’t possible in a way that we are accustomed to. Additionally, the virtual implementation may bring additional value to the trade fair in the future.

Our goal is to create a participatory virtual event that fulfills its participants’ need to get into contact with the entire industry at once. Participating in the event will give you the chance to meet with a large group of people without having to run around to multiple places. The virtual event is free of charge for visitors.

Subcontracting will continue to connect people, even online!

How to take part?

Only companies that register for the virtual event can participate as exhibitors. Participating is free of charge for exhibitors who have had a stand at this year’s Subcontracting Trade Fair. The virtual event opens on Tuesday December 8th at 8 a.m. and closes on Thursday, December 10th at 12 midnight. We will send exhibitors an email with practical instructions during week 41. Following information is included:

  • Registration link and instructions
  • Information on how exhibitors can participate in the program
  • Material package to support marketing

We would like to warmly welcome all exhibitors to take part in our event, let us build something new together!

Register, exhibitors

Register, new company

The event’s theme is Business from Data, which will be examined through the perspectives of intelligent industry, security and productivity, with data as the central point. The theme will be brought into the limelight in the trade fair program content.

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How should you market your participation?

The Subcontracting virtual event is a totally new kind of event concept for us, so to spread the news as widely as possible, we hope that our exhibitors take an active role in marketing the event in social media.

Our material package to support your marketing includes:

  • Materials
  • Tips and links

Check out the material package and take part! We urge our exhibitors to showcase their participation in the Subcontracting virtual event and to share information to attract a high-quality audience to the event.

Material package

Alihankin Network Corner By Brella -logo

Network corner – video meetings and company cases

Subcontracting virtual event offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their activities and to get in contact with both old customers and potential new ones. All this is made possible through the familiar networking service Brella.

Exhibitors will be given their own company introduction page on Brella, on which a company may showcase its products and services. The company introduction page is free for exhibitors who have registered for Subcontracting trade fair.

In addition to offering exhibitors a place to showcase their activities, Brella also acts as the connecting point for exhibitors and event participants. At this virtual event, meetings will be arranged via Brella. Meeting schedules can be arranged between the meeting parties, which allows for immense flexibility.

How does it look?

Below are two screenshots of the demo event’s company introduction page. In this example, you can see what your page might look like.

  • The company presentation may include materials (1) and text (2).
  • The company can enable a public chat (3).
  • Staff is displayed on the company page (4). Employees can customize their own profiles according to their responsibilities, and they can also be offered direct appointments.
  • A lead form (5) can also be added to the company page, if wanted. Please submit the lead form as an Iframe embedded link to customerservice@tampereenmessut.fi.

We compile company pages for exhibitors, so please provide all the material needed upon registration. The networking tool will open for exhibitors November 19th, allowing you to register with Brella, create a profile and link it with your company.

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