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Evening events

We are offering a new option to organise customer events at the trade fair, in order to improve the comprehensive utilisation of the companies’ investments in the trade fair.

What does this mean?

In brief: Organise a customer event at your stand from 5 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday 22nd September, or on Wednesday 23rd September, at the end of the trade fair day. Invite your customers, serve some snacks and maybe have some programme. There will be no extra costs incurred from this. Please remember to inform us of your evening event by 28th August 2020, so that we can provide appropriate resourcing.

If you wish to have something extra for the evening event, we provide ready-made menus for the event, and our event unit is always ready to provide help with the programme!

Please notify us, if you would like to arrange such event on your stand

Why has Meconet been organising evening events at its stand already for years?

We asked Tomi Parmasuo, the Chairman of the Board, to share Meconet’s views on the benefits related to a company’s own evening event, and to tell us why Meconet has been organising them for several years already.

We have a lot of positive experiences from the evening events organised at our stand. After a busy day at the trade fair, people are often more relaxed and open to discussions and ideas, and as the objects at the exhibition stand are already in place, it directs the discussions to work in an easy and relaxed manner. In addition, people who will not stay in Tampere for the night can easily drop by for a drink and catch up.

Such short after-parties at the stand also create affinity and they are a nice change for our own employees, as well. Compared to a restaurant, a stand at the trade fair is a better environment, because you can discuss with all guests and not only the person sitting next to you.

A programme that is not too heavy leaves customers with a good impression, and it also lowers the threshold for further contacts after the trade fair.

Evening events are VIP treatment at its best, and the best proof of that is that those who have participated once will participate again.

Tomi Parmasuo, Meconet Oy