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Exhibition Services

You will find order forms for a variety of services here: stand structures, furniture, graphics, plants and flowers, electric supply, lighting, internet connections, water outlets, sewerage, compressed air and cleaning services. If any questions occur, please contact either Customer Service or the subcontractor mentioned on the form.

Please send all order forms before the deadlines. We will forward them on to the respective subcontractors. Subcontractors will invoice the exhibitors directly for services ordered. Our subcontractors are listed below.

Information about the order forms

Stand structures and furniture

Expotec Oy rents structures and furniture for exhibition stands. They also plan and mount specifically designed stands, complete with all decoration material.

Texts, logos, colour photos and exhibition boards

Expotec Oy supplies stands with the necessary texts, logos, colour photos and exhibition boards. Expotec Oy also provides visual design and customer service.

NOTE! The height of the area for use for the company logo on the fascia is 15 cm.

Electric supply and electric installations

Messusähkö Oy supplies power connections and electric installations within the exhibition area. If, however, the exhibitor connects his own equipment into the electrical network installed by Messusähkö Oy, he is obligated to use only equipment approved in Finland, and to comply with electrical safety regulations. Please note that the installation ordered by the exhibitor is confined to the stand and must not exceed the power ordered for the stand. For example, 1 kW power is enough for a computer terminal and 2–4 100W lamps.
If the exhibitor has e.g. valuable and/or delicate data appliances at the stand, he must see to their protection himself. Note that valuables should not be left unattended at any time.

Cleaning services

General cleaning of the exhibition area, including the aisles behind the stands, is performed by SOL Palvelut Oy, who will also clean your stand from construction to dismantling according to instructions specified in your order.

All ready-made exhibition stands at Tampere Trade Fairs are cleaned on the last day of construction. After this, cleaning is carried out as commissioned. Exhibitors who have not ordered cleaning services are responsible for disposing of litter from the stand and the aisles around it, during construction, exhibition days and dismantling, using the containers situated inside the exhibition hall.

Carpets’ plastic cover removal belongs to the constructor. You can also order the removal of plastic covers from SOL Palvelut Oy.

The aisles must be cleaned no later than two hours before the end of construction time. If goods/rubbish still exists on the aisles at this time, the organiser is entitled to invoice the exhibitor for extra cleaning services.

WLAN connections

Fair time Internet connections can be ordered from Tietokeskus Finland Oy using the order form. For lighter use there is also a wireless internet connection available. User codes and passwords are available from the exhibition office and the info desk during construction and fair days. You will get access to a wireless service by using the code on the card. The connection is for one device and it is in use for 24 hours from the moment it is first opened.

Water outlets, sewerage and compressed air

Are Oy provides water outlets, sewerage and compressed air installations at the exhibition area.


Plants are supplied by Vihersisustus Bueno. Please place your order no later than 3 weeks before the beginning of construction. Unless otherwise agreed, plants ordered in advance will be delivered to stands on the last day of construction. Plants will be removed from the stands at the end of the exhibition.

Sound Equipment, colour and special lighting, truss equipment and audio-visual equipment

Bright Finland Oy will rent sound equipment, colour and special lights and truss equipment to the exhibitors. Orders submitted to the organizer 3 weeks before exhibition opening date are charged at normal prices. Orders placed later will be subject to a surcharge of 30 %. The equipment will be delivered to the exhibitor’s stand during the last day of construction or earlier, if there is no other agreement.

Ceiling suspensions

Ceiling suspension points are without exceptions fitted by a suspension subcontractor authorized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. Suspensions are possible in specific locations inside the exhibition halls. Exhibitors order suspension points at their own expense using the order form. A suspension plan with precise information and drawings must be supplied to the organizer. This information should be delivered no later than 3 weeks before the exhibition to Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd for approval.  Suspension charge includes the required suspension equipment to the height mentioned on the suspension plan. The exhibitor is charged for the work directly by the subcontractor.


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