Start-ups 2019 | Alihankinta
Subcontracting Trade Fair

Start-ups 2019

The start-ups of the year 2020 will be announced closer to the event.


Main Lobby 13 |



Labra AI Oy

Main Lobby 14 |

We build custom AI-solutions for industrial companies, e.g. machine vision and predictive maintenance.

Wakeone Oy

Main Lobby 15 |

Easier exhibitions with the help of XR Showroom. Demonstrating large machines at exhibitions and sales events.

Poimapper / Pajat Solutions Oy

Main Lobby 16 |

Digitalise inspections: Detailed results with less effort. Immediately actionable with effective follow-up.

Paisto Oy

Main Lobby 17 |

We offer industrial logging system & other services combining manufacturing and your data

Visuon / Visumo Oy

Main Lobby 18 |

Visuon is easy tool for everybody to create immersive 360VR photorealistic content for employee and customer training.

JDoc ® / JSK Systems Oy

Main Lobby 19 |

JDoc® Find and group your documents efficiently using metadata, and save time.

Treon Oy

Main Lobby 22 |

Treon designs intelligent, wirelessly connected hardware products for Industrial IoT-solutions.

NordCheck Oy

Main Lobby 25 |

Our passion is to help manufacturing industry make compliance transparent and competitive advantage.

SolidProto Oy

 Main Lobby 26 |

SolidProto is cloud sales software for instant quoting with product and shop management capabilities.


Main Lobby 28 |

Trelic brings the reliability of your product to the next level with the help of reliability and material analyses.