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AlihankintaHEAT 2018: Stora Enso - the most startup-friendly company in Finland in 2018

News Press release  20.09.2018

AlihankintaHEAT: Stora Enso has now been selected to become the most startup friendly company in Finland in 2018. The award will be given to Stora Enso on 25th September at 12.00 at the Heat Stage (main lobby) of TESC, Tampere at AlihankintaHEAT event. The event will be streamed live.

Stora Enso has proactively worked with startups and has developed the Finnish startup ecosystem. Stora Enso has a systematic model in engaging startups, sponsors several startup initiatives, provides flagship business programs and develops its own accelerator program. Antti Vuolli as Stora Enso representative will share more details highlighting the accomplishments at the stage after receiving the award.

Tribe Tampereis responsible to promote the award, and Tribe is an open entrepreneurial and startup community located at Tampere. The nomination aims to recognize the exceptional achievements that especially bigger industrial companies have done to improve innovation and competitiveness through startup collaboration. Tribe believes that the award will stimulate companies to collaborate and invest in startup companies.

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. wants to promote contacts between industrial and subcontracting companies, and startups by organising AlihankintaHEAT event. Tampere Trade Fairs sees the award as a major step forward to promote startup-based innovation culture for its customers.

The most startup-friendly company was now awarded for the first time. In the future, the award will act as impactful ecosystem initiative to develop the renewal and internationalization of the industrial sector at Tampere region.

Further information:

The award winner: Antti Vuolli, Head of New Digital Business, Stora Enso:
email antti.vuolli(at), Tel. +358 50 487 4172
The the chairperson of the jury: Vesa-Matti Ruottinen, Network Manager, Tribe Tampere: email: vesa-matti.ruottinen(at), Tel. +358 40 837 2696
The event organizer: Tanja Järvensivu, Event and Communications Manager, Tampere Trade Fairs, email: tanja.jarvensivu(at)

Press Release 20.9.2018