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Subcontracting Trade Fair

New practical arrangements to improve visitor experience: Guidance and genuine encounters

News  18.09.2019

The largest industrial event in Finland, the three-day Subcontracting Trade Fair, is currently being built in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Our objective is to create a first-class and successful Subcontracting Trade Fair for the exhibitors and visitors at the industry focal point in Tampere.

We are constantly developing our operations in different areas. Per your request, we will pay special attention to event-based services and visitor experience.

Guidance and genuine encounters

We have taken into consideration the wishes of the visitors and We promise that

  1. We will especially focus on telling practical things. We will communicate in advance in an interesting and illustrative manner on how we can crate a successful and memorable fair day together.
  2. We will develop and increase the number of messages about remote parking possibilities and transport to the fair.
  3. A map of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre can be found at the entrance. The fair halls are colour-coded.
  4. Guides that can guide visitors with the most common troublesome situations will help visitors in each fair hall during the event. You can recognize our over 30 trained fair guides from the shirts that are colour-coded according to the halls, as well as from the green info balloons that rise above the crowd to help you locate the guide further afield. Additionally, our personnel serves at the info desks in both the main lobby and the north entrance.
  5. We will pay special attention to the cleanliness of the toilet facilities. In addition to SOL, which is responsible for the cleanliness of the facilities, the service professionals of Gronlund, a partner of AlihankintaHEAT, will serve as the toilet hostesses and hosts, helping to ensure the cleanliness of the toilet facilities during the fair opening hours.
  6. Enjoying lunch will be smoother. We have arranged for more restaurant seating by utilizing the entire hall B for the lunch service (entrance in the middle part of hall A, 1st floor).

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