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Subcontracting Trade Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Why do you get to organize the event?

    We have worked closely with the authorities in preparing the events. In our discussions with the Pirkanmaa Covid-19 Fist, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland and the police, we have wanted to ensure that the security plans for the September fair are exactly what is required and that all existing restrictions can be taken care of. We have received the green light from all these authorities for future fairs and our preparations have been seen as just the right kind.

Facemasks and Safety Distances

  • Is it mandatory for me to use a face mask?

    The use of a protective mask in our events is an order of the authority and a prerequisite for the safe implementation of the event. Refusing to use the mask without health grounds will deny access to the event.

    Based on the non-discrimination act, we as a service provider, are obliged to make reasonable adjustments for a person who wishes to use the service but cannot wear a face mask due to their state of health. Instead of a mask, a person can also protect themselves by using a face visor if necessary.

  • How do you ensure the two-meter safety distance?

    The two-metre safety distance set by AVI is currently valid until 29 August 2021. Indoors, the definition of close contact is only met by a stay of more than 15 minutes, less than two metres away from other people. For example walking in the fair corridors or occasional bypassing, do not usually meet the time limit.

    The passageways have been widened so that maintaining the safety distances is enabled. We monitor the safety distances in the halls. Areas that commonly form queues are equipped with clear markings indicating safety distances. The event spaces are wide for customers to have the opportunity to maintain safety distances.

  • Does the two-metre safety distance apply to the staff at the stands?

    AVI’s decisions on safety distances do not apply to jobs or workplaces, and companies are at work in the stand. The two-metre distance is not required between the employees at the stand, but adequate safety distances must be ensured.

  • If a person does not wear a mask, will he/she be removed from the fair?

    With the necessity of the protective mask imposed by the authority, it is possible to do so.


The Number of Visitors Per Day

  • Will the daily number of visitors be limited?

    The number of visitors per day can be limited if necessary to allow for the maintenance of safety distances at the event. The aim of the daily limits is to ensure that the fairs have a simultaneous number of visitors, which still makes it possible to safely maintain safety distances. The halls at the fair events are spacious and there is enough room to maintain safety distances. The number of visitors limit is proportional to the size of the event and the number of halls used. The number of visitors for the Asta fair in A-hall is 4 000 visitors per day and for the Alihankinta fairs 6 000 per day. Ragarding to other events, we are actively monitoring the situation and the instructions of the authorities.

  • Can the arrival of visitors be staggered? For example, for some fair tickets in the morning and for other people in the afternoon?

    At the moment, there is no such staggering at events.


Covid-19 Testing and Vaccines

  • Will the Covid-19 quick tests be introduced to the fair?

    During Subcontracting Fair and AlihankintaHEAT there is a 9Lives Oy’s test truck in front of the main entrance of Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center. There one can voluntarily have oneself tested for covid antigen for 32 € with the code 9LAHMESSU2021. The result is available quickly. It is also possible to take a PCR test in the truck at one’s own expense.

    Events can only be attended when fully healthy, vaccinated or tested. The most responsible and important thing is to skip the event if there are any symptoms.

  • Will a certificate for vaccination or negative Covid-19 test result be displayed at the door?

    This will be the case if the Covid-19 pass is officially introduced. We recommend a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test result before the event, but at this time we do not require or check the test documents. Events can only be attended when fully healthy, vaccinated or tested. The most responsible and important thing is to skip the event if there are any symptoms.

  • If only received one vaccine, should one also show a negative Covid-19 test result?

    This will be the case if the Covid-19 pass is officially introduced. At the moment, we recommend a negative corona test result in a situation where only one vaccine has been received. However, we will not check these until the Covid-19 pass has been introduced by the authorities.


Possible Postponement of the Events 


Cancellations, Stand and Refunds

  • Can I cancel my fair stand for this falls events?

    The normal cancellation policy for transactions applies when an event is arranged. The transfer of a stand to the next event applies under certain conditions, please contact customer service. Tel. 0207 701 222 (Mon–Fri 9–15),

  • Can I get a refund from the fair stand if the event moves?

    The stand will move to the next event. Please contact customer service. Tel. 0207 701 222 (Mon–Fri 9–15),

      [item title=”Can we build and keep a stand at the fair, even though we can’t let our own staff go to the fair? So the section would be without the staff as a “cold stand.”

      Yes, this is possible.

    • Can I get a refund from the purchased visitor ticket?

      The visitor ticket is valid as such for a postponed event. Returns are made on a case-by-case basis, please contact the party where you purchased the ticket.