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Case Scouter: Elina Viitanen, Ideascout Oy

ke 25.09.2019 14:40-15:00

HEAT Stage, Pääaula

Are you ready for something new? Drive Scouter – a zero emission two seater e-bike.

Scouter is a new way to power up your business! For vehicle sharing, for last mile transportation, for tourists, for property management.
Listen the interesting story of Scouter, innovation is designed in collaboration with Valmet Automotive. 3DStep Oy prints parts for this future vehicle.

Elina Viitanen, Ideascout Oy
Pekka Ketola, 3DStep Oy, toimitusjohtaja
Petri Pitkänen, RIdeascout Oy, toimitusjohtaja
Jari Mattila, Valmet Automotive, tuotekehitysjohtaja, Director, Product Development