Innovatiiviset digitalisaation ratkaisut Viron koneteollisuudessa – miten se tehdään! | Alihankinta

Innovatiiviset digitalisaation ratkaisut Viron koneteollisuudessa – miten se tehdään!

ke 09.12.2020 11:00-12:00

Katsaus datalähtöiseen liiketoimintaan Viron koneteollisuudessa.

Minkälaisia uusia mahdollisuuksia digitalisaatio tarjoaa teollisuusyrityksille?
Miten tuotantoa ja liiketoimintaa voidaan tehostaa ja kehittää uusien työkalujen avulla?



11.00 Welcome!
Irene Surva-Lehtonen, trade advisor, Enterprise Estonia Helsinki

11.05 Overview of Estonian metal and machinery industry
Triin, Ploompuu, CEO, Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry

11.15 How real-time factory tracker can help you to increase your production capacity!
Indrek Jaal CEO and Paul Liivoja, CMO, GlobalReader OÜ

GlobalReader provides smart online manufacturing tools. Using real-time data and team collaboration tools, we help reduce downtime (up to 30% in the first three months) and save time and money. GlobalReader inspires industry leaders to collect data around their production resources to increase collaboration and efficiency to keep them ahead of their competition.

Case study: Ojala Estonia OÜ
Derek Vaide, CEO, Ojala Estonia

Ojala Group is a pioneer in contract manufacturing, we have 50 years of competence in demanding customer projects.  We deliver industry-proven manufacturing services from mechanics manufacturing to complex systems integration, and services to support customers’ product life-cycle management.

11.35 How Optimo is cutting outsourcing costs by using Fractory  
Martin Vares, CEO, Fractory OÜ

Fractory was founded in Estonia in late 2017 with offices in Estonia and UK. Since then we have combined production capabilities in the Baltics, Nordics and UK to help engineers in both SMEs and Enterprises. Fractory makes it easier than ever to outsource custom metal parts manufacturing from prototype to serial production. The system consists of CAD file calculation, job distribution and aggregation, invoicing and even transportation – all the administrative work.

Case study: OPTIMO OÜ
Martin Vilist, CEO, Optimo OÜ

Optimo specializes in developing automation solutions for production companies. We design, program and produce robotic systems and automation equipment to help producers maximize their production efficiency.


More information: Irene Surva-Lehtonen, Enterprise Estonia,, tel. +358 44 7666 420