Product & Service Avenue: desk print

In the picture there are 2 Product and Service Avenue stands side by side. Side prints for table are included in the stand rent.

Media Size:

• Front panel, width 982 mm, height 912 mm
• Side panels, width 482, height 912 mm

Ready to print pdf in 1: 1 size:
• cmyk format, color profile FOGRA39
• fonts converted to paths

Upload material by 25.8.2023

• Name the file so that it shows the name of the event and the year, whether it is a logo or not
output wall, company name and stand number, e.g. Subcontracting2021_productaddisk_sample_A100
• Posting via WeTransfer or by email

Learn more and technical help
• Printing Services: Katja Anttonen, tel. +358 500 238 617