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Brella instructions for visitors

  1. What is Brella?
  2. How is Brella used in Subcontracting Virtual Event?
  3. Logging in to Brella
  4. Brella interface
  5. Brella meetings
  6. Exhibitors
  7. Exhibitor representatives
  8. Chat
  9. Contact
  10. Brella Team and customer support

What is Brella?

Brella is a smart digital platform for 1 on 1 meetings at events. Through Brella, you can plan your event day agenda in advance with your appointments, as well as transfer it to your personal calendar if needed.

Brella is a meeting tool that makes it easier to open a voice connection and meet new people. When proposing a video appointment, let the other participant know in advance what you hope to achieve by the appointment. This will create a good foundation for open speech and trust. Each Brella profile can also include social media channels, and you can always suggest an appointment through them as well.

How is Brella used in Subcontracting Virtual Event?

The Brella service showcases exhibitors at the event. It is also possible to arrange video meetings with corporate contacts through the service. During the event, from 8 to 10 December, a chat found in each company’s page can also be used to connect with companies. In addition, there is a contact form on each company page through which you can submit a contact request to the company.

Login to the Brella service on event days takes place primarily through the event page The event page has a 3D lobby, through which, in addition to Brella, you can find e.g. live program and a program library with video recordings.

Logging in to Brella

Brella join link and -code

The Brella service of the subcontracting virtual event is reached with an event-specific subscription link and join code.

Join here:
Join code is AlihankintaVirtual20

Brella account

You can sign in to Brella using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. If you do not want to link these accounts to Brella, you can also create a separate Brella account, the information of which you need to fill in and add a profile picture. Don’t worry – it only takes a few minutes to create a Brella account.You only need one Brella account , this account shows all your past events using Brella as well. All your information, appointments, and chat conversations will be stored in your account and you can return to your contacts after the event.

Brella login

Brella works best using Chrome as a browser on both PC and mobile:

The easiest way to log in to Brella is to click on the join link you get from the event organizer when the service opens for visitors. You can also add an event-specific join code to ‘Join new event’ when logging in to Brella.

Brella interface

In the menu on the left you will find the following links:

People: Here you will find all public profiles whose users are ready to network. If you have created an anonymous profile yourself, you will not see anyone here.

Schedule: On this page you will see e.g. your set appointments.

Exhibitors: Exhibitor pages with company information and a list of contacts. Contacts via video conferencing, chat, or a contact form. The search bar at the top of the exhibitor list can be used for searches.

Brella meetings

If you want other users of the service to be able to contact you and arrange video conferences at the event, you must select the Start Networking option when logging in to the event. This will create a public profile. Users with a public profile can communicate privately with each other via video calls or chat. When the profile is public, the name is also displayed in the sent chat messages.

If you want the profile you created to be hidden and your name not to appear in chats, select Skip Networking. Note that going anonymous you will also not see the public profiles of others, and you will not be able to send requests to others.

The subcontracting Virtual Event has its own interest categories. You should carefully choose them to suit you, so that the service’s matchmaking algorithm can select the best contacts for you based on your interests.

Also, a short introduction about yourself (max. 280 characters) should be written carefully, as other Brella users can also search for contacts using keywords in the “Search” section. Good presentation text has been found to have a direct impact on the quality and satisfaction of the meetings.

You can suggest video meetings for all public Brella users, and it is also possible to write a short personalized greeting message in connection with the proposal. Here you can write, for example, the things you want to bring up in a video meeting.

if you do not want to receive video appointment requests, you can also close your appointments on the Schedule page under Your Availability. If you close your own appointments, you can still see other participants’ free times and suggest video appointments. You will only see the times that are free for both of you. If the suggested time does not suit you, you can either reschedule using the Reschedule or cancel using the Cancel actions.


The companies are in alphabetical order and can be searched using the search bar above the list by name or keyword. The exhibitors’ company page contains basic information, product groups and service hours during the event from 8 to 10 December. On event days, it is possible to contact the company directly through company representatives by booking a video meeting, via chat (not available for all companies) or using the contact form on the company page.

Exhibitor representatives

Exhibitor representatives can be found on the company page, just below the photo carousel. Video meetings can be suggested directly to representatives, see the instructions for Brella meetings above.


The chat function can be found on the exhibitors’ company pages, on the right side of the page. Through the chat service, the company’s representatives can be contacted at the times indicated by the company in its own information (Service hours during event).


Next to the chat function, you will find a contact form, through which you can submit a contact request to the company.

Brella Team and customer support

The Brella team does not have access to or modification rights to personal Brella accounts. However, the Brella team will serve you with any questions at or Website Chat