Subcontracting Trade Fair


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Did you know that the Subcontracting Fair is…

The leading industry trade fair in Finland
Second biggest subcontracting trade fair in Europe
Biggest industrial village in Finland
The 3 most important dates of the year


1000 exhibitors from
20 countries
20 000 visitors from
30 countries
The trade fair brings togehther up to 90 % of Finnish industry
new exhibitors annually
new innovations annually
visitor satisfaction
98 %
exhibitor satisfaction
94 %
– success story for over 30 years

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AlihankintaHEAT brings startups to Alihankinta for the 4th time!
Theme 2023:

Globally Local

This year’s theme for the annual industry festival is a topical Globally Local, as the combination of local expertise and international production is deeply appreciated both domestically and in global trade. Current topics also include the relocation of production back to Finland, global connections, functional logistics and security of supply. Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will develop industry and reform humans’ role in it.

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Who visits the fair?

Based on the visitor survey of Alihankinta 2019

Visitor’s status in the company

Pie chart of visitors' roles in their companies

Visitor’s place of residence

Map chart of Finnish visitors' place of residence

How is the visitor involved in decission making?

Chart of visitors' decision making roles

Visitors from other countries, top 10

Chart of foreign visitors, top 10 countries

Most interesting product groups?

Chart of the most interesting product groups