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Subcontracting Trade Fair

Admission 2021

Register as a visitor to gain free entrance to the exhibition. You will receive a confirmation and a badge via email. Show the badge when arriving to the exhibition for a free entry.

This year due to health and safety reasons the amount of visitors per day is restricted, and there is a different registration link for each day of the exhibition. Please use the link of the day you plan on visiting the exhibition. If your plans should change, please register again for the correct day of your visit. It is not necessary to cancel your previous registration.

Register as a visitor for Tuesday September 21st 2021
Register as a visitor for Wednesday September 22nd 2021
Register as a visitor for Thursday September 23rd 2021

The alternative is admission ticket € 20 (incl. VAT 10%)

Please note that visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervisor.

Cloakroom 2 €

Pictures and videos will be taken at the events of Tampere Trade Fairs Group and Tampere Sports and Exhibition Centre which will be used in marketing communications. Event participants may appear in the footage.