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Subcontracting Trade Fair


The three most important days of the year

The Subcontracting Trade Fair is an event where various innovations are exhibited, including products, services, production methods and processes, materials and components.


Ylin johto

Top level managers

The top management can meet colleagues, learn about the industry trends, success cases and future prospects – all within one visit.

Suunnittelusta ja tuotekehityksestä vastaava

Designers and developers

Persons responsible for design and product development can come across new ideas, solutions and methods at the trade fair.

Hankinnoista vastaava

Persons in purchasing role

Persons in purchasing role have the opportunity to meet with dozens of partners during their visit to the Subcontracting Trade Fair.

Tuotannosta vastaava

Production managers

Those in charge of production can increase productivity with partner companies and new products and services.

Theme: Sustainable Manufacturing

Research shows that the Finnish industry is one of the cleanest in the world and manufacturing in Finland is an environmental act. Finland does not have to settle for being an ecological force only, but it can also become a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing innovations and export. Investors are also more interested in investing in responsible companies, and investments in Finland have increased in recent years.

The Subcontracting Trade Fair 2019 highlights the importance of sustainable manufacturing to Finland and the industrial companies operating here.

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A gathering of the entire Finnish industry

The Subcontracting Trade Fair showcases the entire Finnish industry and its top companies.

With its 1,000 exhibitors from twenty countries, the Subcontracting Trade Fair will occupy all five halls of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

Every year, over 2,000 innovations are presented.

List of Exhibitors

Brella AppBrella App – Networking made easy

Use thirty minutes of your visit to the trade fair to meet two potential cooperation partners.

Sounds efficient? And easy? It is!

Brella is the official networking tool for the Subcontracting Trade Fair. Make sure you meet your important contacts personally. Do not leave it to chance when it comes to having the most important meeting that could open new doors and provide opportunities for cooperation.

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“Sometimes success only requires one question”

The Subcontracting Trade Fair is the largest industrial event in the Nordic countries, and it has been held in Tampere already since 1988. This industrial event that has been dynamic, busy and successful since the very beginning is now approaching the established but energetic age of 30.

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