Subcontracting Trade Fair

What is Subcontracting fair?

Alihankinta = the three most important days of the year

The Subcontracting Trade Fair is the leading industrial event in Finland and the second largest industrial subcontracting fair in Europe. It is an event where various innovations are exhibited, including products, services, production methods and processes, materials and components.

October 1–3rd 2024

AI Driven Productivity

New power with AI

AI enables making the most of available resources when production bottlenecks are detected and optimized in real time. By versatile data analysis, AI lets maintenance stay a few steps ahead as possible equipment failures can be identified in advance. The equipment’s operating time increases, and work in the hall does not need to stop.

AI can also be used in quality control to detect product quality deviations. Investing in robotics and automation systems increases not only efficiency but also occupational safety, as there is no need to use human labor for heavy, mechanical work.

The people behind AI

AI, like the other new technologies, can be reflected not only in the economy but also in occupational well-being. At its best, AI makes work easier, inspires development, and allows for the creation of new things.

The introduction of new technologies also has a flip side – as we know, learning new things is not always easy. Amid all the reforms, the staff may be burdened when the focus on the efficiency of robotization and artificial intelligence increases concern about the individual’s role. Taming artificial intelligence requires time for change, clear goals, and the opportunity to experiment, develop, and succeed.

Artificial intelligence increases productivity – Subcontracting Trade Fair 2024 fresh ideas.


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Ylin johto

Top level managers

The top management can meet colleagues, learn about the industry trends, success cases and future prospects – all within one visit.

Suunnittelusta ja tuotekehityksestä vastaava

Designers and developers

Specialists responsible for design and product development can come across new ideas, solutions and methods at the trade fair.

Hankinnoista vastaava

People in purchasing role

People in purchasing role have the opportunity to meet with dozens of partners during their visit to the Subcontracting Trade Fair.

Tuotannosta vastaava

Production managers

Those in charge of production can increase productivity with partner companies and new products and services.

Subcontracting Fair 2023 theme discussionLeading industrial event attracted a massive crowd of 17,000 visitors

The 35-year-old Subcontracting Trade Fair catered the industrial public with the latest topics and the most intriguing encounters at Tampere, Finland. Celebrating its anniversary, the trade fair hosted 16,925 visitors during its three-day period. Over one thousand exhibitors from 17 countries participated the international event. The partner company 2023 was Patria. The next Subcontracting will be organised on 1–3 October 2024.

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Subcontracting Hall of FameStay tuned!

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Subcontracting Fair 2023
Subcontracting Fair 2023, famous pink stand
Subcontracting Fair 2023, Hall E