Subcontracting Trade Fair

Hall of Fame

The success story of Finland’s number one industrial trade fair event has already continued for 35 years, as the Subcontracting Trade Fair was first held in Tampere in 1988. The trade fair is popular first and foremost because of our cooperation partners, exhibitors and customers.

All of our nearly 1,000 exhibitors are important to us, but the strength of the trade fair lies in the 12 companies that have been part of the Subcontracting Trade Fair since the year it was established. These 12 companies are:

Arvo PiiroinenArvo Piiroinen Oy

The Finnish Piiroinen company provides high-quality surface finishing in a cost efficient manner and with short delivery times near customers. Our metal works facility handles the metal works for our own design furniture, auditoriums and spectator stands, but we are also a significant contract manufacturer of metal components. Our strength is the seamless cooperation between the metal works and the surface finishing facility which enables us to deliver high-quality metal components and larger entities with surface finishing according to the customer’s requirements. Our woodwork department’s diverse range of equipment enables several form pressing methods, in addition to which we offer the furniture industry upholstering, assembling and installation services.

Bodycote OyBodycote Oy

Bodycote Lämpökäsittely Oy offers an extensive range of heat treatment services from our facilities in Finland and around the world. With over 70 years of experience in Finland and unmatched capacity and computerized systems, Bodycote facilities can process a wide range of component sizes to exacting standards with reliable, repeatable results.

Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab

Fiskars Brands Finland Oy Ab’s forge in Billnäs produces Fiskars axes and high-quality forged products for external customers. The Billnäs forge has a long history, and subcontracting still forms a major share of the forge’s production. The forge uses four screw presses to manufacture high-quality forged products for demanding customers.

Business Joensuu Oy

Business Joensuu offers services for launching companies, growth and internationalisation, investing and relocating, and the facility and event services of Joensuu Science Park. Business Joensuu operates in the Joensuu region and in Central Karelia – in an area comprising nine municipalities, 125,000 inhabitants and 7,500 companies.
Business Joensuu carries out goal-oriented cooperation with our customers and stakeholders, thus creating the preconditions for the success and growth of companies in the region in the future. In this role, Business Joensuu has enabled the implementation of the North Karelia joint stand for the subcontracting fair.

Sacometal Oy

Sacometal Oy provides a collection of services that is unique in Finland and extends from developing and casting of copper based alloys to the machining of finished components. We specialise in bearings, in which we are the market leader as the manufacturer and importer. We provide high-quality bronze billets for machining and standard bearings with fast deliveries directly from our stock.

Marwe Oy

Technical rubber, plastic, PTFE and thermoplastic elastomer products for industrial use, for example, special products made of silicone rubber, and assembling services and component manufacturing related to rubber.

Meconet Oy

Industrial component and contract manufacturing. Springs, stampings, deep drawn products and assembly works. ISO9001 and ISO14001

Okartek Oy

Okartek Oy is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality technical plastic products. During its nearly 30-year history, Okartek from Kaarina, Finland, has established itself as an all-round expert in injection moulding and thermoforming techniques.  The company’s long experience in this field along with its modern machinery have brought Okartek contract manufacturing customers that are the state-of-the-art companies from various industries.

Purso Oy

Purso Oy is a successful company with good financial standing and a positive vision of the future. The company has over 50 years of experience in the aluminium industry. Each year, over 17,000 tonnes of customised aluminium profiles are manufactured and further processed by Purso. The customers comprise various industries and wholesale businesses. Purso has approximately 240 employees, with exports amounting to approximately 35% of the company’s revenue.

Reka Kumi Oy

Reka Kumi manufactures high-quality rubber products for manufacturers of heavy vehicles and special vehicles and for shipbuilding and machinery manufacture. Its production facilities are located in Aura, Finland and in Dopiewo, Poland. The production facility in Aura specialises in technically demanding products that are manufactured for local markets. The customers of Reka Kumi include the leading OEMs in the fields of heavy vehicle and special vehicle manufacturing and in shipbuilding and machinery manufacture. The company has over 100 customers, with Reka Kumi Oy delivering its products to more than 500 facilities in over 30 countries. The products of Reka Kumi Oy are divided into four main categories: moulded products, rubber to metal products, large profiles and formed hoses. The techniques applied to manufacturing include injection moulding, compression moulding, extrusion and manual work.

Sacotec Components Oy

Sacotec Components is the leading precision steel casting company in Finland. We operate as a partner for metal industry companies in the fields of product and process development and production. The design and manufacture of strategically important components are part of our value chain. Our objective is to provide value to our customers and the customers of our customers.

Tasowheel Oy

Tasowheel is a family-owned Finnish technology company with over 40 years of experience in providing premium customer-specific solutions.
We have over 140 employees and we operate in 3 factories. We design and produce components and services for different power transmission, controlled motion, machining, paper industry, assembly, and R&D needs.