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International competitiveness of Finland’s manufacturing industry critical for the country

Column  03.09.2018

Business Finland has launched the Sampo Produced in Finland campaign to develop the country’s manufacturing industry and to promote international growth in the field.

The manufacturing industry is the strong backbone of our economy and we want to develop it further. The Sampo campaign is targeted at manufacturing companies that are both willing and able to develop. Sampo offers these companies financing, networks and internationalisation services.

Continuous renewal is indispensable

The manufacturing industry accounts for about one half of Finland’s exports. The industry requires continuous high-level development and new markets.

There has been no program or other special effort targeting manufacturing for several years in Finland. The Sampo campaign aims to boost the innovation and production of the industry and to make new investments in Finnish companies. We cannot compete at cheap prices, nor do we wish to – our competitiveness must come from elsewhere, such as knowledge and highly skilled workers.

Sampo helps companies in the manufacturing industry to overcome barriers to growth and to face global challenges in the industry. Concrete help is needed to reform business models (platforms, networks, place in the value chain), to take advantage of new technologies (automation, robotization, digitization, AI, IoT, 3D printing) and in managing all of this.

During the Sampo campaign, we will assess whether Finland’s manufacturing industry would benefit from being part of a more extensive Business Finland programme.

Aleksa Arpiainen, Director of TT Gaskets, is pleased with the launch of the Sampo campaign. On the topic of the campaign, Arpiainen has stated thus: “Finnish engineering companies and industrial companies are highly appreciative of this project. Many entrepreneurs have had their faith tested when the state has not invested in the country’s industrial ecosystem or manufacturing development. Business Finland’s Sampo can also serve as an important bridge between industrial companies and the application of new technologies. This will hopefully create a positive spiral, with manufacturing companies once again being courageously innovative in developing new ideas with the backing of the public sector.”

Jarmo Raittila, Sampo campaign leader, Business Finland

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Picture: Professor Lubomír Vašek, Tomas Bata University in Zlín