Subcontracting Trade Fair

From Järvensivu to Siurola – Subcontracting Lead Changes

Press release  22.12.2022

Tampere’s recognized industrial festival Subcontracting will be held for the next time on 26-28 September 2023 at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Tanja Järvensivu, the Group’s PR and Partnership Director, who has been steering the event for several years, will take on new tasks and the lead of Subcontracting will be replaced by Project Manager Sami Siurola. Subcontracting, arranged in September next year, is nearly sold out in terms of its exhibitor spaces.  

Finland’s leading industrial fair and Europe’s second largest subcontracting industry fair Subcontracting is facing new challenges. Tanja Järvensivu, Public Relations and Partnership Director of Tampere Trade Fairs Group, who has successfully piloted the event over the past few years, will take on new tasks and Project Manager Sami Siurola will take over the Subcontracting baton.

– Warm thanks to the customers, partners and professionals who participated in the implementation of the Subcontracting Fair. It has been a great pleasure and honour to be working on the Subcontracting Fair for more than 20 years and the last years as the event host. Next autumn, Subcontracting is already celebrating its 35th anniversary, so this is indeed a diamond industrial event in Tampere, and it will certainly continue to shine, says Tanja Järvensivu, Public Relations and Partnership Director.

During 2022, Siurola has acted as a project manager for the new DigITre event in the ICT sector, Konepaja (Machine Shop), Nordic Welding Expo and 3D & New Materials trio, and as a project coordinator for the Isot Koneet Keskustorilla (Big Machines on Central Square) event, which will be transferred from Järvensivu to Siurola as well.

– It is great to be able to jump into the lead of a major industry event. The boots are big but really inspiring – warm thanks to Tanja for her extensive and unique work for the event entity. From here, it is good to continue developing Subcontracting further, says Project Manager Sami Siurola.

Subcontracting 2023 nearly sold out – themed Globally Local

Subcontracting will be held next year from 26 to 28 September 2023 at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The year’s most anticipated industrial festival is nearly sold out, and the planning of the 35-year-old event next year is fully underway.

The theme of the fair will be comprehensive and topical Globally Local. The perspectives focus on local expertise and production, global connections and industry, and, above all, people, technology and the future of the industry.

Subcontracting presents the metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries, ICT solutions for industry and the design and consulting of these industries. Each year, the event brings together more than a thousand exhibitors from several countries and thousands of visitors. Tampere Trade Fairs Group organises the event in cooperation with Technology Industries of Finland Association, Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland, LOGY Association and the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation. The event has been held in Tampere since 1988.

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