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Subcontracting opened the doors into appealing industry

Press release  27.09.2022

The long-awaited set of events and a true feast for the people in the industry, Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT, launched today in Tampere. The event is the second largest European subcontracting fair and the leading industrial fair in Finland. The halls are sold out at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre as more than one thousand companies are present on September 27–29. The partner company in 2022 is Wärtsilä Finland Oy, and the event theme industry appeal, needs and experts.

The Subcontracting and AlihankintaHEAT 2022 fairs opened their doors on Tuesday mid-morning. The opening speech was delivered by the event’s theme sponsor, Director in charge of production, production facilities, and procurement and the manager of the Sustainable Technology Hub project, Vesa Riihimäki, from the Subcontracting Fair’s this year’s partner company, Wärtsilä Finland Oy. The opening ceremonies continued with the theme discussion of “Industrial appeal, needs, and key players”. The discussion was organised in collaboration with the Subcontracting Fair and the Tekniikka & Talous publication.

iLOQ was chosen as the Main Supplier of the Year and HT Laser as the Subcontractor of the Year

The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY recognised the Main Supplier and Subcontractor for 2022 in the opening ceremonies. The awards were handed out by Tomi Parmasuo, LOGY’s chairperson for the Subcontracting Fair’s awards committee and Janne Lehtimäki, LOGY’s chairperson of the board.

The supplier of digital and mobile-based locking and access control systems, iLOQ Oy, was chosen as the Main Supplier of the Year 2022. Accepting the award were iLOQ’s Chief Production Officer Veli-Pekka Autio and Senior Sourcing Manager Pekka Hassi. iLOQ is one of the fastest growing Finnish companies. In their reasoning, LOGY brought up iLOQ Oy’s investments in acquisition and supplier base, and the systematic development of these. The year’s main supplier’s products are innovative and heavy investments into product development have been made. The recognition also noted the company’s ethical management, high level of satisfaction among the staff, and the fact that although the company has been undergoing rapid internationalisation, its top management, administration, procurement, and product development have all remained domestic. Sustainable development is one of iLOQ’s areas of focus, and it is observed and applied throughout the entire delivery chain. HT Laser Oy was awarded the Subcontractor of the Year 2022. The award was received by CEO Markus Lehti. HT Laser is a Finnish, family-owned company that has more than 30 years of experience in delivering demanding thin plate structures. LOGY states that the company’s profitable growth is backed by a strong investment programme and excellent service. Social responsibility, sustainable development, and safety are key in the company’s operations.

The future of the industry and current challenges

On Wednesday, we talk about the future of the industry with today’s challenges. Among the day’s topics are: the effects of the crisis in Ukraine, the field’s acquisition issues, cyber security and preparation, and future changes in the industry. A panel discussion entitled “The future of the industry and current challenges” will take place in mid-morning. On Wednesday, another interesting and eye-opening overview on the future will be the speech by futurist Elina Hiltunen in her keynote speech of ”Megatrends, technological development, and their effect on the industry of the future”. Business Tampere will give out the commendation of Industrial Act of the Year in 2022. This reward highlights the industry’s significance and appreciation, stresses the greater impact of individual acts, and promotes activeness. The commendation will shed light on some of the industry’s current, impressive, and positive acts.

Thursday will be filled with future players

Thursday has seldom been sweeter as the Subcontracting Fair’s topics cover the industry’s appeal, wholes that attract the young, students, and those changing careers. The spotlight will also be on the importance of the cooperation between schools, colleges, and businesses. The fair day will be crowned by the theme discussion of ”Future players and educational cooperation”, chaired by the theme sponsor for the Subcontracting Fair and the manager of the new Engineering Academy, Peer Haataja. One of the people attending the panel will be the social media influencer Mikael ”Mikirotta” Sundberg.

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The Subcontracting Fair presents the industrial fields of metal, electronics, and plastic and rubber, as well as industrial ICT solutions and design and consulting for all of the above. Traditionally, the event in Tampere has brought together about 16,000 fairgoers and over one thousand exhibitors from two dozen countries. The Tampere Trade Fairs Group is organising the event in cooperation with the Technology Industries of Finland, the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland, LOGY, and the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation. The event has taken place in Tampere since 1988.

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