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Finnish Rubber Industry operates Globally Local

Column  22.09.2023

Finland is home to resilient and flexible rubber industry – a critical entity in many European and international value chains. Without rubber manufacturing companies, it would be much harder to produce many Finnish and European export products. Additionally, rubber industry constitutes a critical entity from the perspectives of EU strategic strategic autonomy – as regards the production of critical raw materials – or of new processes and production sites as well as infrastructure. Therefore, a rubber manufacturing company arising from the North really is locally global.

How are we competing internationally, then?

Finnish rubber manufacturing companies strive to do things in the best way possible, which is an obvious strength in the global market. We have a strong presence in global subcontracting chains and, in addition to the European markets, other markets are constantly increasing their share as well. This has given rise to increased requirements of innovation and flexibility. Companies are facing new operational requirements due to the need to be agile and to provide new solutions. Products are very often conceptualised as solution-oriented products.

The selection of available materials is expanding and the introduction of diverse functionalities will change the raw material bases. At the same time, everyone strives to maximise the climate neutrality of their operations. Competition for raw materials will intensify, giving rise to a search for new raw material solutions. Already, companies are thinking about bringing recycled rubber materials back to production, both by mechanical and chemical recycling methods. Bio-based raw materials have been used in the Finnish rubber industry for a long time, and are now being accompanied by products based on circular economy. Manufacturing methods requiring advanced-level expertise are also evolving. For example, 3D printing is emerging in the production of certain types of rubber products.

A clear strength of the Finnish rubber industry is the high level of accountability adopted, highly skilled labour, and the ability to solve the client’s problems, which are big themes. One central theme is how to maintain, increase and diversify the level of competence in the sector. A company needs highly skilled people in action at every level of the organization.

Strengths of the Finnish rubber industry include accountability and the ability to compete with expertise, high quality of products, and product customization. We can solve the challenges of our global clients from our local base in Finland.


Sami Nikander, Managing Director, Rubber Manufaturers’ Association Finland


Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland (RMAF) is an organization for rubber manufacturers in Finland. RMAF brings rubber companies together and acts as their voice towards legislators and other organizations. RMAF provides a platform for cooperation for rubber companies.