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From data and digitalisation to speed up recovery

Column  24.11.2020

The effects of the corona pandemic will be visible for a long time to come, but fortunately there is already hope that the situation will end, especially in Finland. The pandemic is changing and has already changed the normal daily lives of us all.  Resilience is today a new buzzword alongside digitalisation, sustainable development and carbon neutrality. Despite the pandemic, the laws of profitable business for companies have not disappeared. Customers, their needs and continuous development are still at the heart of everything.

Global subcontracting networks are now in a state of transition and this change also offers unprecedented new opportunities for those who are capable of seizing them. The digital renewal of industry and the introduction of new technologies are now advancing at a faster pace than ever before in the face of compulsion.  In this change, it is worthwhile for Finnish companies to be actively present. Investing in the development of long-term competitiveness right now is an opportunity that we want to support nationally. The massive recovery package announced by the European Union aims to contribute to the recovery of the Europe from the pandemic and to the promotion of business renewal and competitiveness. The opportunity must be actively seized and in this development we also want to support companies in Business Tampere.

Industrial renewal and the development of competitiveness are essential if we, as a nation, are to survive in the intensifying international competition. Businesses, you are important. In the Tampere region, industrial structural changes have been actively managed in different eras and thus it has been possible to maintain the national leading position.

Around digitalisation, several large company-led research and development projects are being launched at both national and international levels. New know-how and business are also emerging around the security theme. Event security is a good example of building a common network between the city and companies and promoting international business opportunities. For the manufacturing industry, the Sustainable Industry X (SIX) to be launched brings together companies, universities, research institutes and other actors. The aim is to support the future of Finnish industry with a common national agenda and measures to accelerate innovation. Together we can make big things happen, and we invite everyone to join this work.

A pandemic changes people’s consumption behaviour, movement habits, and also the nature of big events, at least in the short term. A good example of this is the Subcontracting Fair, which over the years has brought together a large international group of professionals and experts in Tampere. This year, Subcontracting will be held virtually, like all major events at the moment. This reflects the ability to adapt to the current situation and flexibly offer experts and companies the opportunity to present their own solutions, products and experiences of the ongoing change.

Business from data has been chosen as the theme for this year. It is a very timely and important part of industrial reform. Digital solutions can significantly increase efficiency, accessibility and quality. They can also increase the competitiveness of companies and business opportunities in a new way. It is possible to learn, discuss and exchange experiences of all this at the Subcontracting Fair.

Welcome to Tampere, virtually this time!

Seppo Haataja

Program Director, Smart Tampere

Business Tampere

Business Tampere is a partner of the Subcontracting virtual event.