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Alihankinta 2022 Subcontracting Trade Fair Promises Encounters and Industry Appeal

News  10.06.2022

The second largest industrial subcontracting trade fair in Europe, and the largest industrial trade fair in Finland, Alihankinta and AlihankintaHEAT will be organized at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on 27–29th September 2022. The theme of the event will be Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts. The exhibition stands for this autumn’s Alihankinta Subcontracting Trade Fair have been sold out, which means that approximately 1,000 exhibitors will attend this international event covering all exhibition halls of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The Subcontracting Trade Fair 2022 partner for Alihankinta is Wärtsilä Finland Oy.

After two years of exceptional circumstances, everyone is looking forward to Alihankinta and AlihankintaHEAT 2022 with special enthusiasm. The event will be tightly structured around current themes, meaningful encounters and latest solutions.

– This autumn looks bright, and we are looking forward to having the fair. Pandemic times may have changed many practices, but people’s need for face-to-face encounters has not stopped. This is why so many still attend trade fairs and other events; just look at Alihankinta that has been sold out. In addition to pre-booked appointments, live events enable random encounters and unexpected collaboration opportunities. This is not possible via Teams, for example. Of course, being together is an important value in and of itself. Our goal is to make this autumn’s Alihankinta and AlihankintaHEAT event a place for meaningful encounters and a three-day industrial festival, where the famous positive subcontracting spirit of Tampere is ever-present, says Tanja Järvensivu, PR and Partnership Director of Tampere Trade Fairs Group and Project Manager for Alihankinta.

Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts as event themes – Wärtsilä Finland Oy as the
Subcontracting Trade Fair partner

The theme of Alihankinta and AlihankintaHEAT 2022 will be Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts. The theme will showcase the current and future needs and prospects of industry on a broad scale. Debate-arousing perspectives include the appeal of industry and how to attract skilled workers, the importance of a new kind of cooperation, and challenges and changes arising from the volatile global situation.

On Tuesday 27th Sept, the programme will focus on the theme “Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts”. The first day’s programme includes the awarding of Subcontractor of the Year and Main Supplier of the Year by Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY. On Wednesday 28th Sept, the programme is titled “Industry Future and Current Challenges”, discussing e.g., the effects of the Ukraine crisis, industrial supply shortages, cybersecurity and preparedness, and future changes in industry. Thursday 29th Sept will be “Shapers of the Future Thursday”, with a content that highlights the appeal of industry, relevant topics for youth and students, and the importance of collaboration between schools, universities and companies.

The Subcontracting Trade Fair 2022 partner for Alihankinta 2022 will be Wärtsilä Finland Oy. Wärtsilä is a leading international supplier of innovative technologies and life cycle solutions in the marine and energy markets. In 2021, Wärtsilä’s turnover was over EUR 4.8 billion.

Wärtsilä’s Vesa Riihimäki, Ensto’s Marjo Miettinen and Engineering Academy’s Peer Haataja as theme partners

As in previous years, Alihankinta has assigned three esteemed industry experts as theme partners. The theme partner from Wärtsilä, the main partner of the fair, is Vesa Riihimäki, President in charge of production, power plants and procurement, who also leads the Sustainable Technology Hub project. The second theme partner is Chairman of the Board at Ensto, Marjo Miettinen. The third theme partner is Peer Haataja, CEO of Tampereen Teollisuusoppilaitos Oy and head of the new Engineering Academy.

Subcontracting Trade Fair Alihankinta presents the metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries, industrial ICT solutions, as well as design and consulting within these fields. During normal years, the event has attracted over a thousand exhibitors from twenty countries and about 18,000 trade fair visitors. The fair is organized by Tampere Trade Fairs Group in collaboration with Technology Industries of Finland, Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland RMAF, Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY, and Finnish Plastics Industries Federation FIPIF. The fair has taken place in Tampere since 1988.

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