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Industrial Act of the year 2021: AGCO Power Oy

News  24.09.2021

History was made at Subcontracting Trade Fair on Wednesday, when the Industrial Act of the Year award, launched by the event’s main partner Business Tampere, was awarded for the first time. The winner among three strong candidates turned out to be AGCO Power Oy. 

The winner of the Industrial Act of the Year 2021 award is AGCO Power Oy, which has invested heavily in its modern production and assembly environment at Nokia. The award was received by AGCO Power’s CEO Juha Tervala and awarded by the Mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen on the Subcontracting Trade Fair and AlihankintaHEAT event entity HEAT Stage.

The national Industrial Act of the Year award was presented for the first time this year. The recognition highlights the importance and prestige of the industry, emphasizes the greater effectiveness of individual actions and encourages activity.

– AGCO Power’s pioneering investment in state-of-the-art production and assembly environment and investments in training and networking lead the way and inspire. Robotics, automation and new machining technology are widely used in the new environment. The investment also accumulates a lot of work both in Finland and globally, says Heini Wallander, Business Advisor of Business Tampere.

The CEO of AGCO Power Juha Tervala sees a bright future as long as the measures are right at both corporate and state level.

– The future of Finnish industrial production is in our own hands, when we make sure that we have skilled personnel, a high level of quality and invest smartly in new technology. The support of society is needed to provide quality education in order to have qualified and motivated people at every level. The award given to us tells that we are headed at the right direction. We thank you for that and continue the same way, says Juha Tervala in a press release published by Business Tampere.

Business Tampere, a business and development company in the Tampere region, selected the winner from the proposals they had received. Business Tampere hoped for candidates in areas such as industry visibility and image, increased diversity and growth, and internationalization. Among the proposals received, the aim was to highlight Finnish expertise and the courage to invest in industry.

In addition to AGCO Power, AerOff Oy and Professor Reijo Tuokko were in the top three. Business Tampere’s reasoning highlighted AerOff’s innovative invention in machine tool cutting fluid, which removes aerosols harmful to health, saves cutting fluid and reduces workshop VOC emissions. Candidate Professor Reijo Tuokko’s pioneering work on the visibility and participation of the Finnish manufacturing industry and companies in the EU was strongly emphasized in the explanatory memorandum. According to the business and development company, Professor Tuokko has had a major impact on the EU’s innovation system and on highlighting the manufacturing industry that is important to Finns in the 2010s.

The Industrial Act of the Year award will be presented annually in the future. The recognition highlights the current, influential and positive actions of the industry. With good reason, it can be said that presenting it in the number one subcontracting event, Subcontracting Trade Fair, of the industry is exactly in the right place.


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