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AlihankintaHEAT 2019: Telia - the most startup friendly company in Finland in 2019

Press release  24.09.2019

Telia has been selected as the most startup friendly company in Finland in 2019. The award was given to Telia representative, Marco Suvanto, on 24th of September at AlihankintaHEAT event.

Telia has boosted its startup collaboration functions significantly in years 2018-2019. The company has a clear picture and big vision of startup activities development. Telia concentrates on the systematic model in engaging startups and startup initiatives. The company has strong international startup collaboration cases in its portfolio. Telia has internal development programs to build and support internal startup culture. Marco Suvanto as Telia representative will share comments after receiving the award.

OP was nominated to receive the Mention of Honour due to startup friendly operations.

Tribe Tampere is responsible to promote the award. Tribe Tampere is an open entrepreneurial and startup community located in Tampere. The award nomination aims to recognize exceptional achievements, which especially industrial corporations have done to foster startup collaboration methods and improve innovation and competitiveness. Tribe Tampere is convinced that the award will stimulate collaboration and investments in startup companies, and boost internal startup culture development in industrial companies in Finland.

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. promotes contacts between industrial and subcontracting companies, and startups by organising AlihankintaHEAT event. Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd. has faith in the award as a major step forward to promote startup-based innovation culture for its customers.

The most startup-friendly company was awarded for the second time. The award acts as impactful ecosystem initiative to contribute to the renewal and internationalization of the industrial ecosystems in Finland.

Further information:

The award winner: Marco Suvanto, Head of Innovations | Design Coach, Telia Lab, Telia: email marco.suvanto(at), +358 44 587 3333

The chairperson of the selection committee: Sunny Wong, Project Manager, Tribe Tampere: email sunny.wong(at), +358 46 590 8208

The event organizer: Tanja Järvensivu, Communications Director, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.: email tanja.jarvensivu(at), +358 50 536 8133